A tool kit for small music businesses to develop their online activity.

Introduction to the Music Industry Cookbook

The Music Industry Cookbook (MIC), is a tool kit for small music businesses to help them develop their online activity.

The long-term goal is to have the MIC as an evolving piece of work, with content being changed and added over time, in line with how the music industry and it’s circumstances are changing. This also includes revising existing content based on feedback from industry professionals.

The research that has been the base for all material found on the MIC website and tool kit has been gathered in three stages over a period of 14 months and they have consisted of:

  1. Primary research based on activities of Jazzman Records that has included
    - Collecting statistics and data from the labels website and online shop through Google analytics, as well as data from:
    - Bandcamp based on the overall output of the label on the platfom, as well as a select number of new Jazzman Records releases
    - Newsletter promotion using Mailchimp, focusing only on the mailouts that included the selected releases from Bandcamp
    - Activites on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter
    all with the aim of trying to identify how to better measure the success of a release/project online, when compared to its offline counterpart.
  2. Interviews with similar record labels to Jazzman Records, as well as relevant music businesses in order to get a better understanding of how they use the internet, social media and digital music platforms to promote and distribute their releases, and how they define and measure the success of those campaigns.
  3. Secondary research to discover business, consumer and market trends within the industry, in order to compare them to the findings of the Jazzman Records online activity and the interviews.

The full scope of the findings from all these areas can be found here on the MIC website under the different categories, whilst only specific information has been highlighted in the downloadable tool kit.

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Who is the Music Industry Cookbook aimed at?

The Music Industry Cookbook (MIC) is mainly aimed at smaller music businesses and professionals, who feel that they might be lacking either the manpower, skills, time, or funding to fully integrate digital as part of their overall business strategy, but who are still keen on developing their online activity.

Whether you are new to the industry or have an extensive background in it – there is A LOT of information out there and sometimes it can be easier to have the most useful tips in one place – that is where the MIC comes in.

The industry professionals that were consulted for the MIC represent independent music businesses.

This was a deliberate choice because these smaller businesses represent a section of the music industry that mainly gets it’s revenue from the long-tail - which means that their opinions and day-to-day business realities differ from many of the major companies and some of the music industry statistics that can be found in various reports.

In other words: if you have a marketing team or department, then the MIC tool kit is probably not for you.


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